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We care for the environment, the wellbeing of people and for the community we live in. That is why we support:

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Médecins Sans Frontières

LINAK supports Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to help people in distress, victims of natural or man-made disasters and victims of armed conflict. MSF also fights for access to vital medicine and treatment. Médecins Sans Frontières translates to Doctors without Borders, and they work internationally as an independent, medical humanitarian organisation.


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We care about the nature

Therefore, we have chosen to be Business Sponsor for WWF World Wide Fund for Nature. The nature is under pressure like never before and the earths’ resources and goods are running out. That is why we support WWF’s fight for nature on land as well as at sea. With the right initiatives we can bring the earth back into balance.


Røde Korts Erhvervs klub logo

Red Cross

For more than 25 years LINAK has supported the Red Cross organization. We have thereby supported the civilian population of Kosovo back in the late 90s, the victims of the Asian tsunami, refugee children and their families in Syria, the war victims in Ukraine and finally the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Just to name a few.


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Red Barnet

Through a sponsorship of Red Barnet, LINAK helps champion children’s right to have a safe and happy childhood. Red Barnet is the Danish branch of ‘Save the Children’ – the world's largest independent children's organisation. It provides education, protection and emergency and long-term help to vulnerable children all over the world.


Virksomhedsfadder SOS børnebyerne Logo

SOS Børnebyerne

By supporting SOS Children's Villages in Denmark, LINAK wants to increase the level of education among vulnerable children across the world. Through a sponsorship, we also wish to help reach the UN's #Envision2030 Goal 4; Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


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Danmarks Indsamling

At LINAK we support Danmarks Indsamling and thereby we help children in the poorest countries during the corona crisis. It might not be the children who become most ill, but they are hit hard by the consequences of the pandemic. Let's work together to ensure that children have access to clean drinking water; that they receive education and protection; that there is a doctor who can help, and an adult who can give them the care they need.


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Danske Hospitalsklovne

Through sponsorship of the Danish organisation Danske Hospitalsklovne, LINAK supports the 75,000 children who are hospitalised in Denmark every year. The organisation educates ‘hospital clowns’ and creates support for and awareness about hospitalised children.


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LINAK supports the fight for childhoods without bullying, loneliness and isolation. By sponsoring the Julemærkefonden we help children to recover self-esteem and to engage in productive relationships with other children. HRH the Crown Princess is the patron of Julemærkefonden.


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Knæk Cancer

”Knæk Cancer" is a cooperation between TV2 (public service channel) and Kræftens bekæmpelse (Danish Cancer Society).
The money they collect are invested in research, patient support and prevention in order to decrease the cases of cancer, improve survival rate and have a better life after cancer.


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BØRNS VILKÅR fights for children in Denmark – no one are to be let down neither by the child’s closest adult nor society. BØRNS VILKÅR ensure that all children have at least one person who listens and help them get the support and care they need.


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