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Sustainability step-by-step


More recycling, less waste, and saving energy
No matter what we do, what or who we work with or where we are in the world, we all need to care for the environment and minimise the negative impact we have on the climate.

We continually work to improve and promote sustainability throughout the organisation. The share of PVC-free plastics used in our products is increasing every year, optimised packaging minimises the use of cardboard, and intelligent logistics means fewer CO2-emitting trucks for transportation.

LINAK® ZERO™ Switch Mode Power Supply is an example of how technology can help minimise the overall power consumption to almost zero in stand-by mode. We also aim to have all LINAK® products comply with the EU EcoLabel.

LINAK has joined ‘Project Zero’ (Bright Green Business), reducing our overall COfootprint to 0 (zero) by 2029. Solar and wind power along with insulation, intelligent buildings, and energy optimisation in production will help us reach our goal. As an example, our solar panels produce around 1.2 million kWh yearly.

Multiple expansions of production facilities across the world have made energy efficiency a top-priority for us. Minute-by-minute 24-7 surveillance of, for example, power consumption (kWh), airflow through compressors, and heat recirculation in buildings has been a central part of our facility management for more than a decade. And we continue to optimise and develop this energy monitoring.

This is part of being responsible at LINAK!

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We are responsible in everything we do. Creating trust and taking care is in our DNA.

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