iflex™ - integrated flexibility

Improve the flexibility of your application with all the smart features integrated in TECHLINE® iFLEX actuators. We give you a choice among 4 smart iFLEX options to help you optimise production and performance and minimise maintenance costs.
iFLEX - Integrated Flexibility

This is iFLEX

No control boxes.
Fewer Cables.
Smarter options.
This is iFLEX.
TECHLINE actuators with iFLEX feature an integrated H-bridge controller. All you need is two cables to access everything from the most basic control to truly advanced features and feedback.

An iFLEX solution requires less space as there is no need for external control, boxes, relays or other high power electronics. Everything is built into the iFLEX actuator – without the actuator taking up additional space.

The development of iFLEX is based upon years of experience and know-how, and as always every solution is subjected to the thorough and rigorous testing procedures that are the trademark of LINAK® TECHLINE actuators.

Choose among 4 iFLEX options

Flexibility means choice – and depending on your needs, TECHLINE currently gives you a choice between four smart iFLEX options to optimise the performance of your application and to minimise the maintenance costs.


This straightforward actuator solution comes pre-configured to meet your exact requirements. We can customise stroke, speed, current limit and feedback of the actuator as well as a number of other details.

All you need is to plug in two cables and your customised solution is ready for immediate use. Complete with basic feedback (0-10V) or single Hall output.


If you choose iFLEX actuators with the IC Advanced option you have easy access to configure and make adjustments to speed, stroke and current limits with a user-friendly configuration tool.

– The IC Advanced option also offers enhanced monitoring and read-out of information about the condition of the actuator and the application in which it is mounted.


This self-configurable option allows for parallel drive of up to 8 actuators. A master actuator with an integrated H-bridge controller controls up to 7 slaves. No control boxes or complicated cabling is needed.

– The IN/OUT signals can be applied anywhere and the actuators can be interconnected, if required. This enables the drive of one of the actuators even if the others malfunction.


This option gives you unlimited customisation and enhanced monitoring - with the added benefit of BUS-communication. We can provide iFLEX actuators with either Modbus RTU RS485 or LINbus according to your preference.
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