iMotor Compact

iMotor Compact

The iMotor Compact™ is special designed for switchgear where there is limited space for adaptation. When using an iMotor Compact in combination with LINAK iCom™ and iSwitch Battery a complete non-intrusive switchgear automation kit is available.

iMotor Compact

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SYSTEM OVERVIEW - iMotor Compact

The iSwitch™ family of products provides a modern approach to Switchgear Automation in the form of a non-intrusive solution.
In this folder we would like to introduce you to the iSwitch system.



The NETLINE™ approach to switchgear automation is a unique modular solution that can be configured for many different applications and switchgear types.


What is Switchgear
Switchgear is a large switch used to turn on or cut off the power in various parts of…
NETLINE Applications
See examples of NETLINE applications.
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