Linear Actuator LA31 HOMELINE

Linear Actuator LA31 HOMELINE

The LA31 actuator is a very quiet and powerful actuator designed for a variety of applications such as furniture, Nursing Home bedsHomecare beds or Hospital beds. The standard LA31 actuator is available for both the HOMELINE®, CARELINE®, TECHLINE® and DESKLINE® product range.

The HOMELINE LA31 actuator is specially made for domestic applications. A special feature is the flexible back fixture, which can adapt misalignments in e.g. a recliner application.

  • Max. Thrust: 6,000 N in push application
  • Max. Thrust: 4,000 N in pull application
  • Max. Speed: 26 mm/s


View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

Online Magazine | PDF


2D drawings.

3D models are available in the below formats:

user manual 

This User Manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics. We are sure that your LINAK system will give you many years of problem-free operation.



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