Linear Actuator LA27CS

Linear Actuator LA27CS

The LA27 actuator with CS27 is a powerful actuator specially designed for comfort furniture (recliners and leisure beds).

The LA27 with CS27 has integrated electronics, ensuring optimum usability for the end-user.

The LA27 actuator is developed for both push and pull applications and is equipped with a socket for cable connection.

The system consists of:
  • 1 or 2 LA27 actuators with CS27
  • HB70/HB10 handset with connection to both LA27 (with CS27) and TR6
  • Transformer: TR6
The LA27 actuator with CS27 has the following functions / features:
  • Standard mini-fit plug, but terminated specially to avoid conflict with CB systems
  • Rectifies the 24V AC from the transformer
  • Solid state switches (MOSFET transistors)
  • Max. Thrust: 6,000 N in push application
  • Max. Thrust: 4,000 N in pull application
  • Max. Speed: 15 mm/s

linear actuator la27cs 

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