A wireless control system prepared for
your flat screen furniture

LINAK is launching the DP1R/HB21 as a wireless control system based on infrared communication

Product News:  07 September 2007

LINAK is launching a new wireless control system based on infrared communication.

The deskpanel DP1R is the receiver and the HB21 is the handset transmitting the signals to the system via the DP1R. The system is especially useful in applications such as furnitures for flat screens.

As a further option an extension eye can be mounted on the DP1R, making it possible to hide the DP and only have the eye visible.

DP1R & HB21 Control System 

The DP1R & HB21 control system


  • Control panel for single channel or parallel systems
  • Colour black DP1R and grey or black HB21
  • Wireless HB21 with 3AAA batteries
  • Black, 1580 mm straight cable with modular jack plug mounted on the DP1R


For further information, please contact your local LINAK subsidiary or distributor.

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Updated: 09 June 2011 10:31