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Accuracy and profitability in the grain handling industry

Corporate News:  18 April 2016
Focus on grain handling

IECEx and ATEX approved actuators for accurate grain handling, profitable production and increased safety – as the risk of dust explosions, entrapment and suffocation from engulfment is reduced.

Grain handling facilities face a number of challenges:
  • Lack of blending control and accuracy – manual operation
  • Working conditions – physically hard manual operation of grain handling applications
  • Employee safety – manual labour in dust explosive areas
Electric automation is the answer to these challenges, but poses a risk because of the danger of ignitions causing the fine grain dust to explode.

LINAK now has the answer with actuator solutions approved for use in dust explosive atmospheres. The actuators LA36, LA25 and LA14 are now approved according to IECEx and ATEX standards. They will provide grain handling facilities with a unique opportunity to automate a wide range of facility applications resulting in:
  • Better blending with high accuracy for profitable production
  • Better control of the applications with feedback features for increased awareness and effectiveness
  • Better working conditions – physically hard labour replaced with automatic solutions
  • Increased safety – reduced risk of dust explosions, entrapment and suffocation from engulfment
Easy installation, no maintenance, high reliability and the above advantages, means short payback time for an investment in LINAK solutions for grain handling automation.

ATEX and IECEx approved actuators

LA14, LA25 and LA36 – for dust explosive environments.
Linear actuator LA14 Linear actuator LA25 Linear actuator LA36


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Updated: 09 May 2016 15:08