8 legs, but one frame. Go standard!

The range of standard columns with motor housing gives optimum design possibilities without having to modify a lot.

Product News:  01 February 2013
With the DESKLINE® product programme, you get access to 8 standard columns with motor housing that all fit the same frame construction - this ensures optimum logistics.

Flexibility is the keyword - whether you prefer a rectangular or a round leg, standard turned or upside down, a 2-part or a 3-part leg, LINAK has the solution with our broad range of standard columns.

Furthermore, with the variety of colours in which the legs can be painted, the range of control boxes and controls, there are optimum design possibilities without having to modify a lot.

The advantages of DESKLINE systems are:
  • 8 legs, but one frame
  • It all comes as standard
  • Flexibility and modularity are top priorities
  • Plug&Play
  • Low standby power consumption - ZERO™
  DESKLINE Columns with Motor Housing
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Updated: 01 February 2013 11:03