New lifting column for industrial workstations

Strong, stable and able to lift a lot is what characterizes the new DL1A lifting column.

Product News:  27 June 2011
LINAK has developed a new Desklift lifting column called DL1A, which is the perfect choice for a wide range of industrial workstations such as assembly tables, mail-sorting desks, package tables and ESD workshop tables, applications focusing on high load and stability.
The DL1A is compatible with the well-known DESKLINE® control box program CBD4, CBD5 and CBD6, ensuring optimum parallel drive with a pleasant sound level even at high loads. All DESKLINE controls can be used from simple up-down units to sophisticated units with memory and height readout via display.
Read more about a typical DL1A application in the assembly table flyer.

Please find more information about the DL1A and the system in general on the DL1A product page.


The DL1A Lifting Column

The new DL1A
lifting column


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Updated: 01 July 2011 13:38