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The LINAK NETLINE division provides intelligent automated switchgear solutions based on electric actuator systems and designed to improve the efficiency and quality for electrical networks.
We focus on reliable modular retrofit solutions that will easily adapt to the majority of RMU/distribution switchgears manufactured.
The NETLINE team draws on 15 years of experience in providing actuator solutions for electricity networks. Most of our professional software/electronic and mechanical engineers have a relevant network background. You could say they have a vast experience in what not to do. Combine this with LINAK’s worldwide reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality electric actuator systems and you have a winning formula.
NETLINE collaborates closely with our customers to provide a purpose-built NETLINE solution that will suit individual needs and wishes. We believe that the best and most innovative solutions come when you consider LINAK NETLINE as a partner and not just a supplier.
LINAK NETLINE is an individual, strategic business unit. We draw on LINAK subsidiaries and service organisations in all major markets to ensure optimal service.
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