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Expanding your comfort zone

When it comes to leisure beds LINAK understands the need for safe and reliable actuators systems that work day after day. The TWINDRIVE system is the right system for bed manufacturers.

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Explore the variety of TWINDRIVE systems with low noise level and small built-in dimensions used in both box spring beds and slatted beds.

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Single actuator systems for leisure beds

Learn more about CBH single actuator systems with a high lifting capacity that ensures maximum flexibility for box spring manufacturers.

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HOMELINE accessories

HOMELINE accessories set your bed apart with unique value adding features. Features ensuring comfort and value for the end-user.

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TWINDRIVE systems with low standby power

For the leisure bed market the ZERO™ standby power consumption can be obtained via a TD1 SMPS system or via the optional mains cut-off unit.

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image brochure

The image brochure gives a brief introduction to what we do, what we stand for and who we are. 

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td1 280 smps

The TD1 280 SMPS is a dual actuator for leisure beds where low standby
power consumption, a pleasant noise level and an improved speed level are top concerns.

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