Height Adjustable Kitchens



Imagination is the only limit to how smooth and quiet actuator systems can improve a kitchen. If you want ergonomics and multi-functionality without compromising a clean and minimalistic design, DESKLINE® will help you bring your kitchen to the next level.

Adjustable kitchen tables to fit the individual user are just the beginning. A multi-purpose table that you can raise to a comfortable height, when preparing a meal and lower when serving is another obvious application. But, it does not stop there.

Imagine a height adjustable extraction hood that will slide completely out of view when you do not need it. You can also use powerful yet silent lifting columns to elegantly raise part of a kitchen island and reveal new functions.

The list goes on and on once you start to imagine new ways to improve both the looks and the functionality with smooth and easily controlled automation and adjustment.

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Take your kitchen to the next level.
Only your imagination set limits to how electric movement can improve tomorrow’s kitchen.

Please contact LINAK DESKLINE with your needs and ideas. We already have a range of proven actuator solutions for kitchens counting lifting column systems and Baselift systems that can meet your need and wishes for perfection in movement.
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