The LINAK DESKLINE Division provides complete flexible actuator systems for height adjustable desks, worktables and counters based on your needs and wishes.
We focus on easy modular and reliable solutions to fit your design both functionally and aesthetically.
At DESKLINE, we collaborate closely with our customers to develop innovative new ergonomic adjustability for a number of workstations. The aim is to improve both the comfort of the end-user and the demand for your product.
This philosophy has earned LINAK DESKLINE a position as a leading supplier of high quality adjustment solutions since we entered the office desk market in 1990. Today we enjoy a solid reputation everywhere as a dedicated partner and advisor with extensive insight into applications, regulations and the market in general. 
LINAK DESKLINE is an individual, strategic business unit. We draw on LINAK subsidiaries and service organisations in all major markets to ensure optimal service.
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