DESKLINE Lifting Column Systems for Desks



DESKLINE systems are true systems where everything fits – it is simply Plug & Play. The systems are easy to integrate into any desk application to create a highly adjustable ergonomic workplace that will improve both the health and productivity of the workforce.


DESKLINE offer the widest product programme on the market counting Inline column systems, motor housing systems and built-in actuator systems.
  • Inline column systems: meaning that the motor unit is hidden inside the column giving the column a sleek design

  • Motor housing systems: meaning that the motor is an angled unit at the top of the product offering a simple way to build a top frame

  • Built-in actuator systems: especially designed for easy integration in your own guidance to achieve the ultimate freedom when designing a desk

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All DESKLINE control boxes are designed to have an extreme low standby power consumption of maximum 0.1W. This means no matter which DESKLINE system you choose, you will have low standby power as standard.
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