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LINAK – We improve your life
While working on a wheelchair for at disabled fellow student who had lost his mobility in an accident, Bent Jensen, CEO and owner of LINAK, got the idea for the first actuator. Innovative solutions that can improve people’s quality of life and working environment have therefore been a part of the LINAK DNA right from the beginning. We think of our slogan as more than just an advertisement for a linear actuator showing you what it can do for you and your products. Our slogan is a promise which is reflected in our values and in the way we run our business.

CSR policy
To LINAK responsibility is about doing what we do best – and doing it in a proper way. No company can work with CSR without making deliberate choices. We base our decisions on common sense and on step-by-step improvement. Therefore, it is important to us to prioritise our energy.

The following five areas are especially important to us:

We improve your life
LINAK products help millions of people daily to improve their quality of life and working environment – always in close cooperation with our customers. We willingly put our knowhow into play and cooperate with for example universities and organisations.

We take care of each other
Job satisfaction and helpfulness are core values at LINAK. We only obtain these by creating good conditions for our employees. Therefore, LINAK has focus on health and safety and we do not accept discrimination or bullying. When it comes to ergonomics it is natural for us to be at the forefront in our own workplace.

We take care of the environment
We believe that it is possible to run a successful company based on sustainable growth. At LINAK, we focus on reducing the energy consumption within our company as well as manufacturing solutions which strain the environment as little as possible.

We are locally committed and with a global view
At LINAK, we are proud of being an active player in the local community. Both when it comes to Southern Jutland but also at our offices and factories around the world.

We set expectations
At LINAK, we have high expectations to both ourselves and our business partners. We clearly convey our expectations to employees, suppliers and business partners in our Code of Conduct as well as in our Ethics Handbook. And, we follow up continuously.
Doing Business with LINAK
We do not want to be merely another supplier to our customers..
Our Values
We provide innovative actuation solutions that improve people’s quality of life.
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